After configuring DirectAccess in an IPv4-only deployment with a single network adapter, and after the default DNS64 (the IPv6 address which contains ":3333::") is automatically configured on the network adapter, attempting to enable load-balancing via the Remote Access Management console causes a prompt for the user to supply an IPv6 DIP. If an IPv6 DIP is supplied, the configuration fails after clicking Commit with the error: The parameter is incorrect.

  1. Download the backup and restore scripts from Back up and Restore Remote Access Configuration.
  2. Back up your Remote Access GPOs using the downloaded Backup-RemoteAccess.ps1
  3. Attempt to enable load balancing until the step at which it fails. On the Enable Load Balancing dialog box, expand the details area, right-click in the details area, and then click Copy Script.
  4. Open Notepad, and paste the contents of the clipboard. For example:

    Set-RemoteAccessLoadBalancer -InternetDedicatedIPAddress @(‘′,'fdc4:29bd:abde:3333::/128') -InternetVirtualIPAddress @(‘fdc4:29bd:abde:3333::1/128', ‘') -ComputerName ‘' -Verbose

  5. Close any open Remote Access dialog boxes and close the Remote Access Management console.
  6. Edit the pasted text and remove the IPv6 addresses. For example:

    (Remove de IPv6 IP Addresses)
    Set-RemoteAccessLoadBalancer -InternetDedicatedIPAddress @(‘') -InternetVirtualIPAddress @(‘') -ComputerName ‘' -Verbose

    In an elevated window, run the command from the previous step.

  7. If the cmdlet fails while it is (not due to incorrect input values), run the command Restore-RemoteAccess.ps1 and follow instructions to make sure that the integrity of your original configuration is maintained.
  8. You can now open the Remote Access Management console again.
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