Publish all Exchange roles on one TMG listener

I have only 1 public IP address in my testlab so I wanted also Anywhere so dat I can reseice mail from every where I am.

Configure Outlook anywhere rule on

  1. Open Forefront TMG
  2. Click on image_thumb5[1]
  3. In the Action Pane under Task click image_thumb6[1]
  4. Give the rule a Name ill name mine “2010 OA”
  5. image
  6. Next –> Next
  7. image_thumb8[1]
  8. Internal Site Name should be your CAS FQDN (needs to be on the cert)
  9. image_thumb9[1]
  10. The external name is what you use to access OA (Also needs to be on the cert)
  11. image
  12. Click –> Next –> Finish –> Select the Listener. (Choose the listener you created before)

  13. This step moves the auth from the TMG server and moves it to the
  14. image
  15. Modify the User set to include “all users” and remove “all ”.
  16. clip_image002
  17. You may get the following error you can click ok and ignore it. (Do not check require users to authenticate check box on the listener or this method will not work)
  18. clip_image002[5]
  19. Finish
  20. Now Outlook anywhere is published using the same listener as OWA! (Albeit without pre-auth)
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