VMware View Bootcamp

VMware is organizing a nine-part VMware View Bootcamp: every day a new video is published for you to view. At the end of this bootcamp, you will have a good understanding of the VMware View solution, how to roll it out and how to optimize View in your environment. A free e-book of all the presentations is included in this bootcamp series. A hope I can download the free e-book Smile. Because I am going on Holiday next week.

VMware View Bootcamp Series

Design Considerations Guidelines for VMware View – Overview

  • Speaker – John Dodge, Sr. Manager PSO Services, VMware
  • Overview of the technical considerations to keep in mind while you’re designing a View environment

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Storage Deep Dive – Considerations and Best Practices

  • Speaker – Jim Yanik, Sr. Systems Engineer, VMware
  • How to design your storage infrastructure to fit your environment
  • Sizing and workload considerations

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Network Considerations and Best Practices

  • Speaker – Shannon McFarland; Consulting Engineer for Data Center technologies and Enterprise IPv6 design on Cisco’s Consulting Engineering team in the Office of the CTO, Cisco
  • Network requirements for LAN and WAN
  • Bandwidth requirements deep dive
  • Security considerations – Security Server, AV, Encryption, Authentication

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Optimizing the Base Image for VMware View

  • Speaker – Todd Dayton, Staff Product Manager, Desktop Product Management, VMware
  • How to build and tune your desktop image
  • User and workload considerations
  • OS specific tips (XP, Win7)

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Delivering Applications

  • Speaker – Heath Doer, Sr Systems Engineer, VMware
  • Packaging and updates (applink and appsync)
  • Best practices-storage, image management and application deployment
  • Application migration, application conflict and compatibility

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PCoIP Implementation Overview and PCoIP Tuning Best Practices

  • Speaker – Chuck Hirstius, PSO, WW Advanced Services, VMware
  • How to optimize PCoIP for different types of workloads
  • How to optimize for LAN, mobile and remote users
  • Bandwidth requirements

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Automating View 4.5 with Powershell

  • Speaker – Tom Elliot, Sr. MTS, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Introduction to View PowerCLI
  • Setting up an environment and basic tasks
  • Creating your own scripts
  • Integrating with vSphere

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Leveraging Security Server for PCoIP

  • Speaker – Mark Benson, View Architect, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Introduction to Security Server

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VMware View’s Reference Architecture

  • Speaker – Mac Binesh, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Review of RA for stateless desktops
  • Description of test environment, equipment and lab results

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