Removing the Browser Choice option During deployment with MDT 2010

The Deployment Guys created a nice to remove the Browser Choice option.

If you are in the European Union, you will have seen the installation of the Browser Choice option from Update. This is a good thing if you are a consumer, however if you are managing Volume Licensed (VL) builds and you don’t want the Browser Choice in your deployment image.
But you do want to make use of the ability to go off to Windows or your WSUS and install patches automatically during your deployment task sequence.

Check HERE how to config MDT to use your WSUS

comes with a number of task sequence templates. The one I used many times is the standard client task sequence template. As part of this there are two tasks for applying updates (Pre-Application Installation and Post-Application Installation).
These tasks are really useful as part of the deployment of a client machine because you have always an up to date image.


As part of this automated Windows process KB97600 will be downloaded and installed giving the options shown below in your image.


Recently KB2019411 has been released which provides information about the Browser Choice for system administrators who are in managed environments that are under a Volume Licensing program . De Deploymentsguys have created a MDT based for implementing the suggestions in the article KB2019411. Adding the registry entries to control the display of the Browser Choice screen and to remove the Browser Choice icon from the desktop.

The script (CFG-HideBrowserChoice.wsf) should be placed in the MDT Distribution Share\Scripts and then a “Run Command Line” task should be added to your engineering task sequence (after the last Windows task but before the sysprep and image capture tasks). The command you should run is cscript.exe CFG-HideBrowserChoice.wsf.

An example of this is shown below.


When the task runs, the will turn off the Browser Choice and removes the icon from the desktop. You will also find a log file that the script generates in the usual MDT log location (MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS\CFG-HideBrowserChoice.log)

You can get the CFG-HideBrowserChoice.wsf from the Deployment Guys SkyDrive by clicking HERE

Tested and I worked great


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