Bulk import applicaties in MDT

Mikael Nystrom created i freaking nice script.

Often I need to import applications into the Deployment workbench and that is fine. The process is easy and fast, but it is boring and if you have more then 5 apps it is really boring. Based on the fact that almost all my apps in MDT is deployed using VB or PowerShell wrappers its is just one file in a folder and then there is a subfolder with the content. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that 90% of all the apps pretty much have the same folder and file structure in the root of the application folder, so why don’t we use PowerShell to import all the apps based on some guessing?

The command line:
This is the tricky part, since there is no way to know that it will be a guessing game and the command line might need to be modified after import, but I rather modify 2-3 applications instead of importing all of them manually.
The default cmdline for all imported apps will be:

.EXE    “$Install /q”
.MSI    “msiexec.exe /i $Install /qn”
.MSU    “wusa.exe $Install /Quiet /NoRestart”
.PS1    “PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File $Install”
.WSF    “cscript.exe $Install”

The Script:
The script is rather easy, it takes 2 parameters. The folder from where to import and the deployment share. You need to have MDT installed since it is using PowerShell cmdlets from MDT. The syntax for the script looks like this:

.\Import-MDTApps.ps1 -ImportFolder d:\APPS -MDTFolder D:\DeploymentShare


You can download the script here: http://1drv.ms/1pGTvkA mirror: Import-MDTApps.7z

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