VMware View preview Client for Windows Store

released a preview of the VMware Client for Store. This Windows Store client will run in the tiled view of Windows RT and Windows 8.




As this is a preview, it does have a number of limitations:

  • The client supports RDP connections but not PCoIP yet
  • No support for smart card authentication
  • To use the onscreen keyboard on a tablet, go to Settings and select Keyboard

The Store client has additional requirements for certificate checking:

  • You cannot turn off certificate verification on the client.
  • The Connection or security server must have a security certificate that the client can fully verify and it must match the host name in the View Client.
  • If you plan to use a secure tunnel connection, for instance if you will be connecting remotely, the tunnel server ( Connection instance or security server) must also have a security certificate that the client can verify. The host name in the View Client must match the host name in the “External URL” setting shown in the Edit Connection Server Settings dialog box, in View Administrator. For example, the field cannot have an IP address and the certificate cannot be self-signed.
  • Alternately, the user can install a self-signed certificate into the client computer, but it must be put in the local machine store rather than the current user store. The app that end users should use is called “Manage computer certificates” (certlm.msc).

We are excited to release this Store client and look forward to improving it in subsequent releases. To install the client, go to the store from your Windows 8 system and search on VMware.

The existing VMware Client for Windows (version 5.2 or later) runs in 8 mode. If you are 8 (not Windows RT) recommends that you use our existing VMware Client for in the Windows 8 mode for maximum functionality

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