Exchange 2010 SP1 Prerequisites

Some day’s ago Microsoft Releases Exchange 2010 SP1. When you install Exchange 2010 SP1 you need to install some hotfixes. The Exchange Team have made a nice over witch you need for the OS.

Hotfix Download Windows Windows R2 Windows 7 & Windows
A .NET Framework 2.0-based Multi-AppDomain application stops responding when you run the application
or Microsoft Connect
Windows6.0-KB979744-x64.msu (CBS: /Win2K8) Windows6.1-KB979744-x64.msu (CBS: Win7/Win2K8 R2) N. A.
An ASP.NET 2.0 hotfix rollup package is available for and for Windows R2
Request from CSS Yes Yes N.A.
AD RMS clients do not authenticate federated identity providers in Windows or in Windows Vista. Without this update, Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) features may stop working
Request from CSS using the “ and request hotfix downloads” link in the KBA | US-English Select the download for Windows for the x64 platform. N.A. N.A.
Two issues occur when you an ASP.NET 2.0-based application on a server that is running 7.0 or IIS 7.5 in Integrated mode
Request from CSS using the Hotfix Request Web Submission Form or by phone (no charge) Yes N. A. N. A.
FIX: ArgumentNullException exception error message when a .NET Framework 2.0 SP2-based application tries to process a response with zero-length content to an asynchronous ASP.NET Web service request: “Value cannot be null”.
Microsoft Connect Windows6.0-KB973136-x64.msu N.A. N. A.
RPC over HTTP clients cannot connect to the Windows RPC over HTTP servers that have RPC load balancing enabled.
Request from CSS Select the download for Windows Vista (x64) N.A. N. A.
An update is available to remove the application manifest expiry feature from AD RMS clients.
Download Center N. A. Windows6.1-KB979099-x64.msu N. A.

WCF services that are hosted by computers together with a NLB fail in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

MSDN N. A. Windows6.1-KB982867-v2-x64.msu (Win7) X86: Windows6.1-KB982867-v2-x86.msu (Win7)
x64: Windows6.1-KB982867-v2-x64.msu (Win7)
FIX: An application that is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 and that invokes a Web service call asynchronously throws an exception on a computer that is running Windows 7.
Microsoft Connect N. A. N. A. x64: Windows6.1-KB977020-v2-x64.msu

X86: Windows6.1-KB977020-v2-x86.msu

Some of the would have been rolled up in a Windows update or service pack. Given that the Exchange team released SP1 earlier than what was planned and announced earlier, it did not align with some of the work with the Windows platform. As a result, some hotfixes are available from MSDN/Connect, and some require that you request them online using the links in the corresponding KBs. All these updates may become available on the Download Center, and also through Windows Update.

These have been tested extensively as part of Exchange 2010 SP1 deployments within Microsoft and by our TAP customers. They are fully supported by Microsoft.

The TechNet article Exchange 2010 Prerequisites is updated with the and install the prerequisites required for your server version (the hotfixes are linked to in the above table).

You can use the Install the Windows Server 2008 SP2 operating system prerequisites on a R2 server. Only you have to run the following command: Import-Module ServerManager

Installed Exchange 2010 SP1 on a R2 Server with problems. I feels that the MMC is faster. Tomorrow upgrading a DAG/NLB cluster to Exchange 2010 SP1.

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