VMware Workstation 7.1 is available

has released .1.


What’s New in 7.1

  • Support for 8 virtual processors (or 8 virtual cores) and TB virtual disks.
  • Support for OpenGL .1 for Windows Vista and guests.
  • Greatly improved DirectX 9.0 graphics performance for Windows Vista and guests. Up to 2x faster than 7.
  • Launch virtualized applications directly from the taskbar to create a seamless experience between applications in your virtual machines and the desktop.
  • Optimized performance for Intel’s i3, i5, i7 processor family for faster virtual machine encryption and decryption.
  • Support for more Host and Guest Operating Systems, including: Hosts: R2, Ubuntu 10.04, RHEL 5.4, and more Guests: Fedora 12, Ubuntu 10.04, RHEL 5.4, SEL 11 SP1, and more.
  • Now includes built in Automatic feature to check, download, and install updates.
  • Ability to import and Open Format (OVF 1.0) packaged virtual machines and upload directly to vSphere, the industry’s best platform for building cloud infrastructures.

    Download Workstation HERE. You need a valid Account to download.

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