MDT 2010 Update 1 Beta Released

The Solution Accelerators Team have released 2010 1 and would like your feedback.

Download the now at

2010 1 provides new capabilities, such as:

· Support for Microsoft 2010.

· A new User-driven Installation (UDI) method (formerly known as “Modena”) for Configuration Manager 2007. UDI gives information technology (IT) staff control over the experience while empowering users to interact with and customize their operating system deployment through an easy-to-use wizard.

· Improvements to the Workbench driver import process, detecting each driver’s true supported platforms.

· Many fixes and other small improvements.

This release supports the of the Windows® 7; Vista®; Windows XP; Windows Server® 2008 R2; Windows 2008; and Windows operating systems. See the Documentation Library, which is included with 2010 1, for the complete documentation for this release.

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