Migrate a DFS Namespace to Windows Server 2008 Mode

When you plan to use to upgrade your DFS domain namespace to 2008 Mode there are some requirements:
– The forest uses the Windows Server 2003 or higher forest functional level
– The domain uses the Windows Server 2008 or higher domain functional level
– All namespace servers are running Windows Server 2008 or (2008 R2)

1. Installing latest DFS Hotfix on servers where Distributed File System (DFS) technologies is installed
2. Dfsutil root export \\domain\namespace path\filename.xml
3. Remove all Namespace Servers
4. Dfsutil root remove \\domain\namespace
5. Dfsutil root adddom \\server\namespace v2
6. Dfsutil root import merge path\filename.xml \\domain\namespace
7. Add all Namespace servers
8. Tuning replication performance in DFSR (especially on Win2008 R2)

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