Rollup 3 voor Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

Microsoft heeft Rollup 3 voor Service Pack 2 vrijgegeven.

Het overzicht wat er allemaal gefixt is:
"451 4.4.0 DNS Query Failed" status message in an Exchange 2007 Edge Transport server

Later updates do not match a calendar item that an Exchange 2007 user updates by using Exchange on a mobile device

You receive an "0x800423f0" error message when you perform system state backups on the passive node of Windows 2008-based Exchange Server 2007 CCR clusters

An external recipient misses the last occurrence of a recurring meeting request or a recurring appointment that is sent from an Exchange 2007 user

The Edgetransport.exe process when it process meeting requests in Exchange 2007

The subject of a confirmation message is garbled for certain languages when a remote device wipe operation is performed in Exchange 2007

The sender address of a forwarded meeting request does not include "on behalf of" as expected in an Exchange 2003 organization and an Exchange Server 2007 organization mixed environment

A SSL validation error is generated on an Exchange 2007 server when you run any test commands after you run the Test-SystemHealth command

A mailbox that was moved from an Exchange 2007 server to an Exchange Server 2010 server cannot be accessed by using Outlook

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service stops responding on an Exchange 2007 server

The synchronization and the reconciliation between Microsoft Office Outlook and a BlackBerry mobile device fails when a mailbox is moved around between two Exchange 2007

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service crashes on a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server when a user tries to access a specific calendar item

Read items are marked incorrectly as unread items in an Exchange 2007 public folder

A delegate cannot save three settings of Resource Settings for an Exchange 2007 resource mailbox in OWA

You receive an error message when you use ExBPA to schedule a scan on an Exchange 2007 SP2 server

The store.exe process hangs on an Exchange 2007 server

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