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Een aantal mensen van Red-Gate hebben weer een mooi ebook geschreven wat elke Microsoft/Exchange beheerder moeten weten. Het is een samenvatting van The Best of
Simple Talk SysAdmin

De Onderwerpen:

– High Availability in Exchange 2007
– Message Hygiene in Exchange Server 200731
– Using Exchange 2007 for Resource Booking
– Controlling Email Messages using Exchange’s Transport Rules
– Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Clustering
– Top Tips for Exchange Admins
– Exchange Database Technologies
– Message Classifications in Exchange 2007
– Deploying Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008
– Exchange Server Log File Replay
– Configuring Exchange Server 2007 to Support Information Rights Management
– Reporting on Mobile Device Activity Using Exchange 2007 ActiveSync Logs
– Online Exchange Backups
– Optimizing Exchange Server 2007
– Exchange: Recovery Storage Groups
– Exchange E-mail Addresses and the Outlook Address Cache
– Upgrading to Exchange Server 2007
– Goodbye Exchange ExMerge, Hello Export-Mailbox
– Determining MS Exchange Disk Performance
– Upgrading to Exchange Server 2007: Part 2
– Message Tracking in Exchange 2007
– Third Party High Availability and Disaster Recovery Tools for Microsoft Exchange Server
– Exchange Server 2010 – The First Public Beta Version
– Emulating the Exchange 2003 RUS for Out-of-Band Mailbox Provisioning in Exchange 2007
– Using Exchange 2007 Transport Rules to Protect the First Entry in the Address Book
– Cluster Continuous Replication Network Design
– Building an Exchange Server 2007 environment
– An Introduction to Messaging Records Management
– Installing Hyper-V and Beyond
– Restricting Outlook Client Versions in Exchange 2007
– Using Twitter and PowerShell to Find Technical Information and Join a Community
– Update: Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate
– Exchange backups on Windows Server 2008
– Moving to Office Communications Server 2007 R2
– Monitoring and Scheduling Exchange 2007 Database Online Maintenance
– Exchange 2010 High Availability
– Implementing Cluster Replication – Part 1
– The Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2008 R2
– Using Group Policy to Restrict the use of PST Files
– Introduction to Exchange Server 2010
– The Ego and the System Administrator
– Implementing Windows Server 2008 File System Quotas
– Implementing Cluster Continuous Replication, Part 2
– Active Directory Management with PowerShell in Windows Server 2008 R2
– Upgrade Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010
– Customizing the Outlook Address Book

General Articles
– A SysAdmin’s Guide to Change Management
– A SysAdmin’s Guide to Users
– Change Management – What It Is and Why You Need It
– Manage Stress Before it Kills You
– Hiring System Administrators
– Increase Your Value as a Professional in the Technical Industry
– The Art of Dealing with People

– Virtual Exchange Servers
– Virtualizing Exchange: points for discussion
– Build Your Own Virtualized Test Lab
– A Beginner’s Guide to Virtualizing Exchange Server – Part 1
– A Beginner’s Guide to Virtualizing Exchange Server – Part 2
– Windows Server Virtualisation: Hyper-V, an Introduction
– Increasing the Availability of Virtualized Applications and Services
– Microsoft Hyper-V Networking and Configuration – Part 1

Unified Messaging
– An Introduction to Unified Messaging
– Moving to Office Communications Server 2007 R2

– Managing Exchange 2007 Mailbox Quotas with Windows PowerShell
– So You Thought PowerShell Was Only For Exchange 2007

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