VMWare View GPO settings

Group Policy settings die je moet zetten onder Remote Desktop


VMWare View Client GPO settings
– Enable the shade
– Pin the shade
– Don’t check monitor alignment on spanning
– Color depth
– Desktop background
– Show contents of window while dragging
– Menu and window animation
– Themes
– Cursor shadow
– Font smoothing
– Desktop composition
– Audio redirection
– Redirect drives
– Redirect printers
– Redirect serial ports
– Redirect smart cards
– Redirect clipboard
– Redirect supported plug-and-play devices
– Bitmap caching
– Shadow bitmaps
– Cache persistence active
– Enable compression
– Windows key combination redirection
– Bitmap cache file size

The VMware View ADM files can be found on the following place:

“C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\Extras\GroupPolicyFiles”

vdm_agent.adm contains properties relating to the authentication and
environmental components of a client desktop controlled by View Agent
vdm_client.adm contains properties relating to the configuration parameters of
View Client
vdm_server.adm contains properties relating to View Connection Server
vdm_common.adm contains properties relating to all components of View Manager
pcoip.adm PCOIP Performance properties

Meer hierover vindt je in VMWare View Manager Administration Guide & VMWare XP deployment Guide

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