SP2 voor Exchange 2007 wordt vrijgegeven in het derde kwartaal dit jaar

SP2 voor 2007 komt in het derde kwartaal dit jaar.
SP2 voor 2007 heb je nodig wil je upgraden naar Exchange 2010
Mocht je de SP2 niet willen installeren er komen nog een jaar lang uit voor 2007 SP1 na de release van SP2.

Hieronder de lijst met belangrijkste nieuwe functies in SP2:

  • Enhanced Auditing – New auditing events and audit log repository enable Exchange administrators to more easily audit the activities occurring on their Exchange servers. It allows the right balance of granularity, performance, and easy access to audited events via a dedicated audit log repository. This simplifies the auditing process and makes review of audited events easier by segregating audited events in a dedicated location.
  • Volume Snapshot Backup Functionality A new backup plug-in has been added to the product that will enable customers to create backups when a backup is invoked through the Windows 2008 Backup tool. Exchange Server 2007 didn’t have this capability on Windows and additional solutions were required to perform this task.
  • Dynamic Schema and Validation – The dynamic AD schema and validation feature allows for future schema to be dynamic deployed as well as proactively preventing conflicts whenever a new property is added to the AD schema. Once this capability is deployed it will enable easier management of future schema updates and will prevent support when adding properties that don’t exist in the AD schema.
  • Public Quota Management – SP2 enables a consistent way to manage quotas by improving the current cmdlets to perform quota management tasks.
  • Centralized Organizational Settings – SP2 introduces new option that enable centralized management of many of the organization settings.
  • Named Properties cmdlets – SP2 enables administrators to monitor their named property usage per database.
  • New User Interface for Managing Diagnostic Logging– SP2 enables administrators to easily configure and manage diagnostic logging from within the Exchange Management Console.
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