SD Card Boot issue Solution in ESXi 7.x

Issue The host goes into an un-responsive state due to: R0;Bootbank cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank” and device is in an APD state.

This is seen due to the device failing to respond & enter APD state (All paths down). Some cases, Host goes to non-responsive state & shows from vCenter.

As of 7.0 1, the format of the -OSData data partition has been changed. Instead of using FAT it is using a new format called VMFS-L. This new format allows much more and faster I/O to the partition. The level of read and write traffic is overwhelming and corrupting many less capable cards.

The action plan for future resolution would be to replace the card/s with a capable device/disk. Per the best practices mentioned on Installation guide.

The 7.0 2 VMware ESXi Installation and Setup Guide, page 19, specifically says R0;As even read-only workloads can cause problems on low-end flash devices, you should install only on R0;.

You can also refer to the below KB:



engineering has a fix that will be in the next release.  Planned for July 201.

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