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Your gateway to becoming proficient in all things is here! We have recently launched our Learn @ KEMP Portal, making it easy for you to:

• Learn about ’s Series of Load Balancers.
• Get certified at all levels ranging from Sales to Advanced Technical Training.
• Explore our wealth of resources, from our “Expert Series” webinars to detailed configuration templates.
• Engage with Support & Sales through chat, community forums, blogs, social media or just regular email.

Start your journey today! Register for Learn @ KEMP

Once you achieve at any level, you will see your Badge Status in real time, and have access to your in the “My Account” section. Moreover, you can share the news of you becoming certified on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Learn at

If you are supporting, designing, implementing, configuring or managing a load balancer, consider making the KEMP Certified Engineer (KCE) your immediate goal.

However, if you are in sales and need to know just the basics you should aim to complete our Essentials course and achieve your Certified Salesperson badge and certificate.

For the best experience, the Learn at training is structured so that you complete each course level and achieve your certifications, starting off with Essentials, before you move on to the next level.

Could you be one of the select few to achieve the GOLD standard of Certified Master?

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