Skype for Business 2015 Planning Tool

The Team released for Business 2015 Planning Tool. This tool asks you a series of questions about your organization and the features that you are interested in. The will then use your answers to recommend a topology based on the tested Skype for Business 2015 user model.
Your organization may have a different user model. If so, you should adjust the recommended topology as necessary to fit your organization’s needs.
What’s in the for 2015?

  • The now allow user to have up to 10 sites, including central site and site
  • The offers capacity guidance for Server 2015 new and updated features listed below.
  • You can answer the questions about these features in the Planning Tool, and then the suggested topology will contain information for those features, e.g hardware, network, DNS, certificate, IP, etc, according to the 2015 user model.
    • Persistent Chat
    • Archiving with Exchange integration
    • Mobility
    • Multi- Video
    • SQL AlwaysOn
    • High Availability and
    • Web Apps
    • Exchange Mailbox
  • Server 2015 allows you to specify IPv6 IP addresses
  • identifies the IP conflicts across sites in the suggest topology. You can then choose to show or hide IP conflict in the topology
  • offers more user-friendly FQDN/IP/Port editing dialog
  • Planning Tool updates the suggested hardware requirements, DNS, and certificates with Server 2015 changes
  • Planning Tool updates the planning steps and deployment steps with Server 2015 changes
  • Planning Tool offers better support for accessibility requirements
  • Server Planning Tool 2015 offers improved export of Visio and Excel files. An exported Visio file matches the suggested topology diagram in the Planning Tool as well
  • Planning Tool no longer supports the following features:
    • Virtualized server design
    • Export the Planning Tool file to Topology Builder

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