Exchange 2013 Performance Health Checker Script

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This script checks various configuration items on the to make sure they match the recommendations published in the R0;Exchange 2013 Sizing and Configuration RecommendationsR1; guidance on TechNet.  It also reports on OS, system, and hardware information.  It can be ran remotely, against a single or a of servers.  It takes some of the most configuration causes of 2013 performance cases that we encounter in support and allows you to rule them out quickly without having to check each or read through the entire TechNet guidance. 

This script needs to be executed from the 2013 Management Shell.

Here is a current list of items the script reports on:

Operation System
Physical/Virtual Machine
Server Manufacturer and Model (physical hardware only)
host processor/memory configuration recommendations
server roles
Pagefile Size
Power Settings
.NET Framework
Network card name and speed
Network card driver date and version ( 201 and Windows only)
RSS enabled ( 201 and Windows only)
Physical Memory amount
Processor Model
Number of processors, cores, and core speed
Hyper-threading enabled/disabled
Processor speed being throttled
Current list of active/passive databases and mailboxes (optional)



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