Hyper-V Reporting Script

Serhat AKINCI, a MVP, has just posted this very useful :


In his own words:

It can be difficult to monitor and assess resources in large Hyper-V environments. This based script helps you to understand inventory, capacity and general resource availability in your Standalone or Clustered Hyper-V Environment.

  • More than 2600+ lines of PowerShell, HTML and CSS code examples.
  • Creates a plain but detailed and user-friendly HTML report which is compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Provides more detailed information via tooltips in the HTML report. (cells with asterisks and highlights)
  • Checks and installs required runtime environment prerequisites like Hyper-V and PowerShell.
  • Collects information by using standard Hyper-V and Clustering PowerShell cmdlets and custom queries.
  • Shows alerts in the report for certain situations (utilizations, checkpoints, replication status, etc.)
  • Can be used directly from command-line or as a scheduled task.
  • Supports report delivery via e-mail with advanced options. (authentication, /, multiple recipients)
  • Includes a mode that reports only alerts in the Hyper-V environment. (aka Highlights Only mode)
  • Advanced error handling and logging. (Console messages and log file)

You can see an full example report here: http://www.serhatakinci.com/files/get-hypervreport-v1-0-demo-output.html
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