Windows ADK 8.1 update (for Windows 8.1 Update) is available for download:

The 8.1 update (for Update) is available for download:

8.1 update (direct download only:

You still run adksetup.exe to install or download the ADK, but you do see that the new is slightly bigger than the previous kit. The Patches content also have a higher number. The October 18, 2013 release of 8.1 had a folder named 8.100.2600, but the April 2, 2014 release of 8.1 have 8.100.2669.

New features in 8.1 are the WIMBoot option, to dism, updates to WinRE and a new WinPE version (5.1). There are also fixes for USMT.

Important Change:
DISM: Does not support or Windows images.

More info about the changes here:

Info on updating WinPE 5.0 to WinPE 5.1:

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