IOS6 and Exchange Issue’s

If you’ve been following the Exchange and Apple-related news lately, you can’t have failed to hear about a number of bugs in the new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch OS, iOS 6.
What’s the problem, then? Well, in iOS the two most widely reported ones relate to:

  • AutoDiscover – It doesn’t work unless the Email Address and UPN match.
  • Meeting Requests – The iOS device loses track of the organizer and replaces the device user as the organizer instead, allowing the device user to update or cancel meetings other people have asked them to attend. For more info, see KB 2768774

Another method you might want to consider is to find those iOS 6 users within your organization and tell them about the issue. It might not be practical in all situations, but with the help of the script below (which will also report future and previous versions) you’ll be able to see what the task in hand looks like.

Use the script as follows:

.\Export-iOSDeviceStatistics.ps1 -OutputCSVFile .\output.csv

You’ll see output about iOS devices shown in the PowerShell session:


And the resulting CSV file can be opened in Microsoft Excel, or your favourite CSV editor:


Download the script from the Technet Gallery

Special thanks to Steve Goodman

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