Teradici released Firmware 3.5.0 for PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Host Cards & PCoIP Management Console 1.7.0

    Teradici released a new  PCoIP client and host card firmware and the PCoIP Management Console. The following releases are now available for download on the Teradici support site (techsupport.teradici.com):

    • Firmware 3.5.0 for PCoIP Clients and PCoIP Host Cards.
    • PCoIP Management Console 1.7.0

    Firmware 3.5.0 includes key feature enhancements including:

    • 2.0 with VMware sessions
    • Imprivata OneSign® Virtual Access via proximity cards with View
    • IEEE network security
    • IPv6 support. 

    With this release, Teradici continues to innovate PCoIP client technology and accelerate the adoption

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