Free Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer

Quest vWorkspace Optimizer  is a tool to optimize the virtual desktop.

Blindly deploying entirely the same desktop that was used for the physical desktops is not the smartest thing to do. Windows in a VDI environment requires a decent amount of optimizing. This optimizing is nothing new. Quest has been optimizing SBC environments for over ten years now and many of things that we learned there (the hard way) apply equally to VDI environments.

Quest created a piece of software that contains our entire ‘optimizing knowledge' called the Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer and it is Free!

Although optimized for Quest vWorkspace environments, the Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer will work just as well in Citrix XenDesktop or environments. You can download the Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer HERE. Read HERE important information on how to use the Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer.


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