VMWare View MultiMonitor not working with a Zero Client

At the customer where I work there was a college, he wants to use 2 monitors on his view workplace.

We use the Wyse P20 zero client.

Step 1 was to config the VMware View Desktop Pool Multiple Monitor Support

Ensure your desktop pool is configured to support 2 monitors.

Sign into the VMware View Administrator go to Inventory go to Pools. Select your Pool  Click the Edit button. Go to the Pool Settings Tab under Remote Desktop Protocol change the max number of monitors to 2.

Step 2. Choosing Multi-monitor in VMware View Client

In the VMware View client you must enable multiple monitor support. However, when we used the Zero client (Wyse P20) to connect to your virtual desktop pool the Display option isn’t even present. So what you need to do is access the VMware View Client on a desktop PC or Laptop, sign in as the user that needs multiple monitor support, select the desktop pool and set the display to Multimonitor.  Login and wait till the desktop is fully loaded and then logoff. Then when the user signs in on the Zero client (Wyse P20) Multiple Monitor support will be engaged because you set it previously..


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