MDT Restricting the available Task Sequences by user

  1. Within DeploymentWorkbench go to Deployment Shares\<YourDeploymentshare>\Task Sequences.

  2. Organize the available task sequences into folders. Task sequences that aren’t in a folder can’t be restricted.


  3. Within DeploymentWorkbench go to Deployment Shares\<YourDeploymentshare>\Advanced Configuration\Selection Profiles.

  4. Create a new selection profile and at “Select the folders that should be included in this selection profile” select the folders below Task Sequences that should be visible for this profile.


  5. Edit CustomSettings.ini, add UserID to Priority before the value Deffault under [Settings]:

    Priority=UserID, Default 
  6. Define a section in CustomSettings.ini in the form [userid]. Example: if the User ID is Helpdesk then the section should be [helpdesk].

  7. Define the selection profile to be used for this user below this section. Example: to give helpdesk access to the Helpdesk selection profile, add the following:

  8. Create a selection profile in which no folder has been selected and place a WizardSelectionProfile=nameofemptyselectionprofile below [Default] if you want none other than the defined user IDs to have access to the task sequences.

  9. Now when the user logs into the wizard in the WinPE environment, he/she sees only the task sequences that are available in the selection profile.


    Source:Microsoft TechNet – MDT Forum – How to hide/show task sequence for specific users/user groups?

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