The “Exchange Server 2010 Technical Video Series” on TechCenter

The Microsoft Exchange team has produced a new portfolio of videos designed to give customers a fundamental technical education on Exchange Server 2010.

The objective of the video series is to provide an introductory curriculum for IT professionals to learn more about the benefits of Exchange Server 2010. While TechNet provides great technical documentation at a more granular level, this video series should help bridge the gap for those who are new to Exchange 2010 and still trying to learn about the technical fundamentals of the product.

Each video runs 20-30 minutes long and includes an overview of the workload as well as a technical demonstration of 3-4 core scenarios related to that workload. The “Exchange Server 2010 Technical Video Series” is hosted by Ann Vu and presented by subject matter experts from the Microsoft Exchange team.

The Video’s can you find HERE.

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