VMware vCenter XVP Manager and Converter

    vCenter XVP Manager and Converter provides basic management capabilities for non- hypervisor platforms towards enabling centralized visibility and control across heterogeneous virtual infrastructures. It also simplifies and enables easy migrations of virtual machines from non-vSphere platforms to vSphere.


    • Management of the following Hyper-V platforms:
    • Familiar vCenter graphical user interface for navigating through and managing non- inventory
    • Ease of virtual machine migrations from non- hosts to vSphere inventory
    • Compatible with vCenter 4.0 & 4.1
    • Scalable up to management of 50 non- hosts

For more detailed information refer to the vCenter XVP Manager and Converter Technology Preview and Installation Guide (included in zip file download).



Host Operations

Convert HyperV VMs to vSphere

Guest VM Operations inside HyperV

Download: HERE

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