Deploy office 2010 and a previous office version together on one PC with MDT 2010

Deploy and  a previous office version together on one PC with 2010. Then you need to do the following things

– Office 2010 ISO
Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool

1. Make sure you have a working . Check this How to deploy Office 2007 with MDT

2. Extract the Office 2010 ISO to the application folder on de MDT Server

2. Extract AdminTemplates_32.exe or AdminTemplates_64.exe to a folder.

3. Copy the Admin folder that you can find in the extracted folder to the Office 2010 folder that you created at step 1.

4. Run setup.exe /admin

5. Check the Screenshots for the settings

6. Save the file in Updates folder that you find in Office folder. I named the file setup.MSP

7. Create a new application without source files.


Command Line is:
setup.exe /adminfile “\\mdtservername\deploymentshare$\Applications\Microsoft Office 2010 x86\Updates\setup.msp

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