Blog 2 years online

On 24 july 2008 I started my blog.

In two years time a get al lot of visitors.

Some stats till now in totally:

Hits 556.775
Unique visits 308636

Hits (bots) Hits 164201
Unique visits 93724

This year a get al lot of new visitors:

Hits (+282069) 2009: 137353 2010: 419422 still growing

Unique visits (+190172) 2009: 59232 2010: 249404 still growing

I’m very pleased with this numbers. I means for me that I do a good job.

I Red heart blogging.

Still writing nice about nice Stuff. I have not enough time to write every thing.
Next week have some days off. I will write some nice articles. Please if you have Questions let me now.

With kings regards,

Ward Vissers

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