VMMUpdate Script to Check if all Hyper-V hosts & SCVMM Server are Up to Date

Jonathan has created a nice . This script checks witch are missing from hosts and SCVMM .

What updates?

Updates are regularly released for SCVMM Server, Hosts, and the Admin Console. These updates must be applied to all Hosts no matter how many you have. Updates are also released for technologies SCVMM leverages:

As well as components SCVMM cannot function without:

  • WinRM
  • BITS
  • VDS
  • VSS

The difficulty is in making sure all systems are fully . This is a time-consuming task.

takes care of this for me…

Not necessarily. There are certain that need to be downloaded manually, but for the most part Windows is the key. WSUS is 's solution to distributing Windows Updates within an enterprise, and this pulls from Windows Update as well. Unfortunately, rules in WSUS are sometimes set up such that all updates required do not find their way to SCVMM systems. So, there are layers of complexity in keeping systems up to date.

Prevent problems with VMMUpdate

With this script you now or that your Hyper-V hosts & SCVMM Server are up to date.

To download the latest follow the link HERE


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