Reviewing Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP

I was recently approached to do a book review on “Least Privilege Security for Windows 7,Vista and XP by Russell Smith” published by Packt Publishing. I will review it soon. It show you how to configure your Windows environment so that your users can operate without permissions.

Here is a list of the just some of technologies that this book talks about to achieve a Least Privilege :

  • Program Compatibility Wizard
  • Applications Compatibility Wizard
  • User Account Control
  • Policy Software
  • Add-on Management
  • Troubleshooting Remote Users
  • Configuring Windows Firewall
  • Software Restrictions Policies and AppLocker
  • Deployment
  • CD Burning
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Changing system time and time zones
  • Power Management
  • Managing networks
  • Standard Users Analyzer
  • Applications Compatibility Toolkit
  • Logon Scripts
  • Remote Services
  • -V
  • Med-V

I have read already some chapters. I think it is a great book to have on your collection.
You have always not enough time thinking about security. This book does it for you.

As a special offer Packt Publishing are also letting people download chapter of this book by download here Chapter No. 3 – Solving Least privilege Problems with the Application Compatibility Toolkit


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