Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007

enables within by default. Using commands, creation and management is quite confusing and often results with incorrect results due to the nature of the syntax. U-BTech Solutions is providing Manager for Exchange 2007 freely, to ease the process with a simple, easy to use GUI which enables you to:

1) Manage your current certificates.
2) Enable certificates for Services (POP, IMAP, SMTP, IIS, UM).
3) Generate an Signing Request and process the Certificate Authority answer.
4) Generate an Self-Signed certificate (not for production use).
5) Easily include additional subject names in a single certificate.
6) Import & ability for existing certificates.
To read more about Use in at TechNet follow the link:

Manager for Exchange 2007 is currently offered by U-BTech Solutions of charge


Certificate Manager for Exchange Server 2007 Flash Demonstration

Download – Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007


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