End of DirSync and AAD Sync Support

Last week marks the end of support for the legacy synchronization which are used to connect on-premises to 365 and AD.  Specifically Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) and are the which are transitioning out of support at this time.  Note also that 1.0  of Active Directory (AAD Connect) is also transitioning of support.  The were previously marked as depreciated in April 2016.

The replacement for the older synchronization is Azure Connect 1.1.  Customers must have this of AAD Connect deployed. This is the tool which is being actively maintained, and receives and fixes.

AD will no longer accept communications from the unsupported as of December 31st 2017.

If you do need to upgrade, the relevant documentation is below:

Upgrade from DirSync

Upgrade from Azure AD Sync

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