Azure AD Connect Adds Support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL 2016

If you're a customer who uses Connect, you'll want to know that just released 1.1.343.0, which adds support for and and fixes some bugs.

– Added support for installing on 2016 standard or better.
– Added support for using as the remote database for Azure AD Connect.
– Added support for managing 2016 using Azure AD Connect.

Fixed :
– Sometimes, installing Azure AD Connect fails because it is unable to create a local service account whose password meets the level of complexity specified by the organization's password policy.
– Fixed an where join rules are not re-evaluated when an object in the connector space simultaneously becomes out-of-scope for one join rule and become in-scope for another. This can happen if you have two or more join rules whose join conditions are mutually exclusive.
– Fixed an issue where inbound synchronization rules (from Azure AD) which do not contain join rules are not processed if they have lower precedence values than those containing join rules.

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