Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10

has released the 10 Policy (.ADMX) templates . These . templates are released as a separate download package so you can manage for 10 clients more easily.

This new package includes additional (.ADMX) templates which are not included in the RTM version of 10.

  1. DeliveryOptimization.
  2. fileservervssagent.
  3. gamedvr.
  4. grouppolicypreferences.
  5. grouppolicy-.
  6. mmcsnapins2.
  7. terminalserver-.
  8. textinput.
  9. userdatabackup.admx
  10. windowsserver.admx

To download the 10 Policy (.ADMX) templates, please visit

To review which settings are new in 10, review the Windows 10 ADMX spreadsheet here:

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