Kemp LoadMaster v7.0-6 Firmware Released

LoadMaster v7.0-6 is available now. Here is a highlighted feature list over v7.0-4:
New Features and Feature Enhancements:

  • Quickstart Wizard – - The QuickStart Wizard provides a simplified method of configuring LoadMaster to work within an environment
  • RESTful API v.2.0 – The RESTful API provides a REST-like interface designed to allow remote applications access to the LoadMaster in a simple and consistent manner.
  • Cisco UCS B Series Support – The LoadMaster for Cisco UCS supports the B Series Blade Servers.
  • Call Home – Phase 1 – The Call Home licensing model will be released for selected VLM evaluations. 
  • After installing or replacing a certificate, there is now an option to return to the Virtual Service page
  • Quality of Service functionality is now configurable within Virtual Services
  • The image sets for the ESP login screens now support a number of different languages
  • The character limit within the Message of the Day has been increased
  • When applying a temporary license, feedback is now provided if a temporary license has already been applied
  • The traceroute and netstat utilities are available debug options
  • Bulk disabling of Real Servers is possible
  • L7 Transparency is available for selection within a SubVS when the parent Virtual Service uses SSL Acceleration with re-encryption enabled.

Issues Resolved:

    • Issues configuring eth0 on a 64 bit LoadMaster have been resolved
    • Removed restriction on creating a VLAN with an identifier of 1
    • Issue with deleting VSs in a state of Security Down is resolved
    • Issue with HA time out values resolved
    • Issue with Health Checks on ESP enabled Virtual Services have been resolved
    • To conserve CPU, gathering statistics is restricted to the items displayed on the Home page, unless specified in the Collect All WUI option
    • Issue with Port Following is resolved
    • ACLs now working as expected when Virtual Services are set to additional ports
    • Initial maximum cache size on LoadMaster for UCS is now within the valid range
    • Within the LoadMaster console, an inappropriate call of Quick Help has been resolved
    • Can now configure shared interfaces in the HA setup process before rebooting
    • A failed adaptive health check disables the Real Server
    • SNORT 2.9 rules imports correctly

    Known Issues:

      • A page is not delivered when using compression and http content-length is 0 bytes
      • Issues may occur with SNMP traffic when the Drop at Drain Time End option is enabled

      LoadMaster version v7.0-6 supports the following hardware:

      • LM-2000
      • LM-2200
      • LM-2500
      • LM-2600
      • LM-3500
      • LM-3600
      • LM-5300
      • LM-5500
      • LM-
      • LM-R320
      • LMOS-UCS-B
      • VLM-100
      • VLM-1000
      • VLM-Exchange

      Learn more about LoadMaster 7.0:

      Full Release Notes
      Full Documentation

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