Z-Term Active Directory User Termination Tool

I want you to inform a about a great tool Z-Term User Termination Tool

This application allows IT administrators to automate common tasks when an employee leaves the company. Usually, IT administrators use multiple consoles and perform variety of tasks to terminate user accounts. This tool allows IT administrator to automate:

– Disable Account
– Reset Password
– Move users to dedicated OU
– Remove Active Directory membership
– Clear Manager field in AD
– Set Description field
– Set Notes field
– Remove Account

Distribution List ownership to
– Set customAttribute5
– Set out of office reply
– Forward Email
– Grant full access permission
– Hide user from Global Adress List
– Remove Calendar items from resources.(remove calendar items where user is an organizer of)
– Cancel meetings from termined user’s mailobx(cancel meetings where user is an organizer of)
– Disable mailbox
mailbox to PST format
– Remove device partnership
– Remote wipe user’s device

– Disable Account

– MSOL User – Reset Password
– MSOL User – Remove License
– MSOL User – Remove User
– MSOL Exchange – Clear Out of Office Reply
– MSOL Exchange – Hide User from GAL
– MSOL Exchange – Distribution List Ownership
– MSOL Exchange – Set CustomAttribute
– MSOL Exchange – Set Out of Office Reply
– MSOL Exchange – Set Grant FullAccess Permission
– MSOL Exchange – Set email forwarding
– MSOL Exchange – Remove calendar items from resource mailboxes

File Operations
– Move home
user settings to XML (dump all user data to xml as backup)
– Run custom script ( for advanced users only, contact support for more info )

Screenshot #1 – Active Directory
Screenshot #2 – Exchange
Screenshot #3- File Operations

– .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0
– Domain Joined

– Windows 7 X64
– Windows X64
– Windows R2 X64
– Windows Server 2012

Please download administration guide: http://www.zohno.com/docs/Z-Term_V4_Administration_Guide.pdf

Download: Z-Term

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