How to Improve Move Request Performance in Exchange 2010

This article provides step-by-step procedure about How to Improve Move Request Performance in .

The Mailbox Replication Service is responsible for Mailbox Move requests.
MSExchangeMailboxReplication.exe.configExchange Installation Path>\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange \V14\Bin

How to Improve Move Request Performance in Exchange 2010:
1. Go to Exchange Mailbox Server
. Navigate to the Exchange Installation Path>\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin
3. Make a backup copy of MSExchangeMailboxReplication.exe.config before making any changes in it.
4. Open the Original MSExchangeMailboxReplication.exe.config file in notepad.
5.Modify the following values to increase the performance
MaxActiveMovesPerSourceMDB = “50″
MaxActiveMovesPerTargetMDB = “50″
MaxActiveMovesPerSourceServer = “200″
MaxActiveMovesPerTargetServer = “200″
MaxTotalMovesPerMRS = “300″

6. Save the file and Close it
7. Go to Services console
8. Restart the Microsoft Mailbox Replication Service

(R2) Network tuning to Increase Move mailbox Speed:
1. Go to Start –> Command prompt –> Right Click –> Click Run as
2. Execute the following command: netsh int tcp show global
3. Disable TCP Chimney Offload and Receive Side Scaling on the network adapters
netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled
4. Run the following command and make sure Chimney Offload State & Receive-Side Scaling State is disabled.
5. Restart the Server.

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