KEMP LoadMaster v7.0-4 firmware is now available with Edge Security Pack

announced  Firmware release 7.0-4. Here are the details below. Watch out for more announcements on some of the features in the coming weeks.

New Features and Feature Enhancements:
  • Edge Pack – A range of new security features has been added to the LoadMaster.
  • Sub-VS Support – The now supports the creation and management of sub-VSs.
  • Graphical Metrics – There is a new dashboard home screen with the capability to display graphical performance information.
  • New License format – A new license format has been introduced
  • Oracle VirtualBox VLM – A new VLM package, to support VLM installation within an Oracle VirtualBox environment is available
  • MIBS files have been
  • SID and revision information included in IPS logging
  • VLAN Separation per Interface
  • Support for larger TCP window sizes
  • ‘Kill switch’ is now supported on all versions
  • LM-R30 has its serial number visible on the WUI
  • The Netconsole Host interface is configurable via the WUI
Issues Resolved:
    • with SMTP STARTTLS when a client sends an EHLO is resolved
    • with ACL whitelist allowing other IPs is resolved
    • with switching VS types under load is resolved
    • Some reboot issues have been resolved
    • An with caching on Firefox has been resolved
    • The “-“ character is now allowed in the Search Domain field
    • Issues with the MIBS have been resolved
    • A circular routing problem has been resolved
    • SNMP trap Source IP has been changed to pre 5.1-48 behaviour
    • renegotiation can be toggled on/off
    • SSLv2 is no longer used for initiated connections
    • An issue with Not Available Redirection XSS has been resolved
    • The Default IP is now displayed on the WUI when DHCP fails
    • An issue with VS Specific insert X-Clientside header being overwritten by system default has been resolved
    • The “-“ character is now allowed in the User Login field
    • An issue with the Fail on Match functionality has been resolved
    • An issue with Maximum Cache Size has been resolved
    Known Issues:
      • Quick setup Help appears automatically if no IP address is configured on the LM if a VLAN is configured on eth0 and no IP address is assigned to the underlying interface (eth0)
      v7.0-4 supports the following hardware:
      • LM-2000
      • LM-2200
      • LM-2500
      • LM-2600
      • LM-3500
      • LM-3600
      • LM-5300
      • LM-5500
      • LM-Exchange
      • LM-R30
      • VLM-100
      • VLM-1000
      • VLM-Exchange
      NOTE – ESP is supported on select models and new VLM installations.

      Learn more about 7.0:


      Full Release Notes

      Full Documentation

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