MDT 2012 Settings Per Task Sequence

I recently converted to after 2010 for awhile. 10 December 2010 I blogged about MDT 2010 Automatically Move Computers to the Right OU.

After I upgraded from to MDT this did not work anymore.

After a lot of searching a found the following on the Technet Forum at the MDT section: MDT 2012 – Settings Per Task Sequence

I changed file and it work again Glimlach

1. Edit DeployWiz_SelectTS.vbs
. Add after "Dim sTemplate"
Dim sCmd
Set Oshell = createObject("")
3. Add before "End Function" (bottom of page)
sCmd = "wscript.exe """ & oUtility.ScriptDir & "\ZTIGather.wsf"""
oItem = oSHell.Run(sCmd, , true)

You can download the changed  file here: DeployWiz_SelectTS.7z

In 1 MDT 2012 this was fixed Glimlach. But in de final release MDT 2012 Update 1 this is still a ….. Bedroefde emoticon but no error anymore at the final page Glimlach.

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