RSA Authentication manager 7.1 Bug

RSA Authentication manager 7.1 has a nasty bug in it that I ran into recently. When running RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 on Windows it creates 1 or 2 .sql file every minute containing SQL Statements. They build up very quickly and are not removed by RSA by default. In time this could lead into serious issues like i.e. one or more of the RSA services might not be able to (re)start anymore!

clip_image001workarround until that time:
Short term solution:

· reboot the machine in safe mode

· rename the c:\windows\temp to c:\windows\temp_old

· create a fresh new c:\windows\temp

· reboot in normal mode

Long term solution:

· create a standard plain text cmd file named, for example, ‘cleanup.cmd’, and add to it the following lines: del c:/windows/temp/dbmgmt*.sql

· save the file

· launch windows scheduler and have the cmd file run once a day

You might also decide to apply 7.1 SP4. In SP4 the bug is Solved.

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