Hotfix Rollup 3 for Forefront Protection for Exchange Server

Microsoft released Hotfix Rollup 3 for Forefront Protection for Exchange Server (KB2538719).



Here’s the list of fixes included in this rollup:

  1. Mail queues and sluggish Exchange/Outlook performance
  2. Increased “Available Disk Space” Health Point threshold to 250MB
  3. Error: The DNS Blocklist lookup domain could not be contacted
  4. The Exchange Information store crashes with Forefront Protection for Exchange installed
  5. An attempted upgrade of Forefront Protection for Exchange fails with a “Registration Service Failed” error
  6. You receive Forefront Protection Health Notifications indicating a status of “Green to Green”
  7. Forefront generates a MaxDisabledWait error within 15 minutes after starting
  8. A MaxDisabledWait error occurs and Forefront Protection does not recover
  9. Forefront Protection doesn’t apply keyword filtering within hyperlink strings
  10. Forefront Protection for Exchange crashes while scanning a TAR file
  11. An engine update fails in Forefront Protection for Exchange
  12. Emails that are 90 MB or larger are being sent to the Forefront archive folder
  13. The Microsoft Forefront Server Protection Eventing Service will not start following an upgrade from a beta version of Forefront Protection for Exchange
  14. Forefront Protection for Exchange detects files as “Engine Error” when no engines have been enabled for scanning
  15. Messages quarantined due to engine error can now be delivered as complete email
  16. High CPU conditions in EdgeTransort.exe process result in crash
  17. You receive Forefront generated email notification that the Cloudmark engine or Worm list could not update
  18. Exchange email queues at startup following an abnormal shutdown

For more details on the fixes consult the related knowledge base article. You can request the hotfix rollup through the support center here.

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