Exchange 2010 & Outlook 2010 Automatically Shared Mailboxes

When you set full access permissions with the management console on a mailbox,the user which has be giving full access right now there will filed a new property.

The property is MSExchDelegateListLink. You can check it with adsiedit.

When you open now 2010 you can now see that Wardtest is automatilly Added


And additional mailboxes is empty

When you migrating from 2007 to 2010 and upgraded the Clients to Outlook 2010
Use dis script to set the MSExchDelegateListLink object automatically. Test I first. It’s your own risk.

$a=get-MailboxPermission * | where {$_.IsInherited –eq $False –and $_.accessrights –eq “FullAccess”}
$a | remove-MailboxPermission –confirm:$false
$a | add-MailboxPermission

Save the scripts to MSExchDelegateListLink.ps1

It works great Open-mouthed smile

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