How to Install & Configure Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced Edition

Install Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced Edition with setup.exe. There is one thing you must no.

The Management console is there in to flavors x86 and x64.

The Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced Edition.msi that you need later works both fine on x86 and x64 machines.





Start Immidio FlexProfile Kit
Best Practice is that the ini are placed on a domain controller because If one domain controller fails you have no problems with your flex profile kit.
Import the ini files that you will find in the package
I have al ready some ini files (Word 2007, 2007, Excel 2007) that i used with a older of flex profile kit.

Create on a File an application install . I named it Immidio Flex profiles
Copy the Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced Edition.msi to that folder and the following .


REM Voor Immidio FlexProfiles.
IF EXIST "C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\flexengine.exe" GOTO END
msiexec.exe /i "\\ward-dc01\install\Immidio Flexprofiles\Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced Edition.msi" /qb! LICENSEFILE="\\ward-dc01\Install\Immidio Flexprofiles\wardvissers.lic" /l* c:\InstallFlex.log


Create A New on the computers where you want to install Immidio Flexprofile kit. I named Install Immidio Flexprofiles. Asssign the  flexprofilesinstall.cmd als a startup script. Set the maximum wait time on 3600.

Afther that i created a new policy for my domain users witch a named Immidio FlexProfiles Users

Add the Immidio Flex Profiles.adm to the new created GPO Immidio FlexProfiles Users
I did some settings where to find the ini files and where to save the settings.

Now you have a working roaming profile based on Immidio Flexprofiles. It's a great tool a im loving it.

It's works great when you migrate from XP to 7

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