Free Ebook Notes on Desktop Virtualization by Brain Madden

Brain Madden has released a eBook Notes on by Brain Madden.

1) Virtualization is MORE than just VDI
) Why storage matters
3) 3 to address
4) What is IOPS and why does it matter?
5) The dumbest thing you can do
6) The secret to desktop virtualization savings
7) How the *@&% is it possible for multiple users to share the same disk ?
8) How Win7 will affect your storage and virtualdesktop environment 
9) Does the storage protocol matter?
10) Multiple classes of storage are okay
11) Ten questions to ask when evaluating your storage vendor
12) "TCO" and "ROI" Confusion
13) Why VDI?
14) 5 sure-fire ways to get canned
15) Which kind of virtualizer are you?
16) Why do people like VDI?
17) The Vicious Cycle of VDI storage
18) Notes for article “Desktop & IOPS”

Just Click on the picture to go to the NetApp site where you can download this free eBook
If you click HERE you have the PDF file direct

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