WAIK Add Drivers to a Wim File

Some handy Windows 7 Waik commands to add drivers to a wim file.
Before you start copy the wim file to your harddisk

1. Some information about the Wim:
Dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:d:\boot.wim

2. Mount the wim file to a folder:
Dism /Mount-Wim /index:1 /WimFile:d:\boot.wim /MountDir:d:\mountpe

3. Add the Driver:
Dism /Image:d:\mountpe /Add-Driver /Driver:d:\nic\b57nd60x.inf

4. Close the wim file and saving the file:

Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:d:\mountpe /Commit

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