Defrag your Virtual Machines (VMs’)

Just like any other operating system, over time, a disk will become fragmented. Virtual machines are no different. The time that it takes for a disk to become fragmented depends on what data is being added to and removed from the virtual machine hard drive.

Why use MyDefrag instead of the standard defragger?

  • Much faster.
  • Totally automatic, extremely easy to use.
  • Optimized for daily use.
  • Disk optimization, several strategies.
  • Directories are placed together.
  • Reclaims NTFS reserved areas after disk-full.
  • Maintains free spaces for temporary files.
  • Can defragment very full harddisks.
  • Can defragment very large files.
  • Can defragment individual directories and files.
  • Can be run automatically with the Windows Scheduler.
  • Can be used from the commandline.
  • Can be used as a screen saver.
  • Can be run from cdrom or memory stick.
  • Script language, can be customized.
  • Better voor VCB, VDR, DPM & Snapshots.

When you run MyDeFrag.exe with /verysilent it detect automatically the OS and then install x86 or x64 version from MyDefrag. It’s always installed at c:\program files. You can deploy it with 2010 automatically when installing the OS. Or run it from a network share.

You can use Group Policy Preferences to schedule it. 

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