Exchange Server 2010 SP1 is coming

Team announced that SP1 for is coming with a lot new features

I highlighted the things with I like from the coming update. It’s a whole list but i thing with this is 2010 SP1 the best ever!!! 😀

A list of al new things in 2010 SP1:

Personal Archive to a different mailbox database from their primary mailbox 😀
– You can import historical e-mail data from .PST files, directly into
– delegate access to a user’s Personal Archive
– SP1 the Management Console with new tools to create Retention Policy Tags
– support access to a user’s Personal Archive with 2007 Coming with A

Web App
– Delete, mark as read, and categorize operations asynchronously, these actions feel instantaneous to the user
– Attaching a very large file, will not block the rest of the experience
– Sharing calendars to anonymous viewers via the web if you enable this.
themes back
– Reading pane can be placed on the bottom or the right side

– Support for send-as
– Support for notifying the user if their device has been placed on block or quarantine by their admin
– Full implementation of conversation
– To sync only unique parts of messages.
– Setting up device to access mail via POP/IMAP/SMTP, information is available in OWA.

New Management UI
– Create/configure Retention Tags + Retention Policies in EMC
– Configure Transport Rules in ECP
– Configure Journal Rules in ECP
– Configure MailTips in ECP
– Provision and configure the Personal Archive in ECP
– Configure Litigation Hold in ECP & EMC
– Configure Allow/Block/Quarantine device policies in ECP
– RBAC role management in ECP
– Configure Database Availability Group (DAG) IP Addresses and Alternate Witness in EMC
– Recursive public settings management (including permissions) in EMC

Read the whole article at HERE.

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