Rollup 2 voor Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

Belangrijkste Fixes:

A Computer that is running 2007 that has the Client Access Server (CAS) role installed becomes slow when a user tries to open a folder that contains many items

An appointment is displayed incorrectly as an all-day event if you use a mobile device to synchronize the calendar in 2007

2007 users intermittently cannot access an Exchange Server 2003 user’s Free/Busy information in Office Outlook 2007

The 2007 log or database experiences abnormal growth

When a user sends e-mail messages to a remote domain, some e-mail messages are queued on an Server 2007 Hub Transport server or server

A new accepted domain that is added does not work in an Server 2007 organization

EdgeTransport.exe process crashes intermittently on an Server 2007 server

You receive an you try to send messages through your 2007 account

You cannot log on to your mailbox and you receive an error in an server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007 coexist environment

Event 2104 and event 2147 are continuously logged in an Server 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) environment

Messages that have duplicate message IDs are deleted when they are archived to an 2007 mailbox

The free/busy information of an Server 2007 user is not displayed

You receive the warning "Failed to recipient" when you run the Update-addresslist cmdlet in Management Shell on Exchange Server 2007

Windows Server 2008 VSS backup plug-in fails to backup 2007 databases that reside on a volume mount point

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