Rollup 6 voor Exchange 2007 SP1

Rollup 6 is inmiddels weer verschenen voor 2007 SP1.

De volgende items heeft weer gefixt:
950675  Downloaded .xls file attachments are empty when you open the files by using Web Access on Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1

955443  Some /busy messages are not replicated from to servers after some mailboxes are migrated from Exchange to Exchange Server 2007

956536  The Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service uses lots of memory and processor time when Exchange Server 2007 processes many OABs

956624  The Microsoft Exchange Transport service crashes continuously after you enable journal rule or an antivirus application on an Exchange Server 2007 server

957748  The custom message class of contact object is overwritten by the normal IPM.Contact class when an Exchange 2007 server replicates the contact object to any other public store

959239  MS09-003: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange could allow remote code execution

Officiële informatie krijg je HIER en downloaden doe je hier HIER.

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